ENZSA Summer Sizzler

Jun 9 to Jun 11, 2017

U8 Girls Pool A

ID When/Where Home Score Away
377Fri 6:00pm at BS#1U8 Jr Selects (LeMoignan)N/AWest Raiders (Speer)
378Fri 7:00pm at BS#1U8 Jr Selects (Stewart)N/AWest Raiders (Speer)
379Sat 9:00am at LOR#4West Raiders (Speer)N/AU8 Jr Selects (LeMoignan)
380Sat 9:00am at LOR#6Xtreme FC U9 Girls (Urquilla)N/AU8 Jr Selects (Stewart)
385Sat 2:00pm at JB#3West Raiders (Speer)N/AU8 Jr Selects (Stewart)
386Sat 3:00pm at LOR#3West Raiders (Speer)N/AXtreme FC U9 Girls (Urquilla)
381Sun 9:00am at LOR#6U8 Jr Selects (LeMoignan)N/AXtreme FC U9 Girls (Urquilla)
382Sun 9:00am at JB#3West Raiders (Speer)N/AWest Raiders (Speer)
384Sun 12:00pm at JB#3U8 Jr Selects (Stewart)N/AU8 Jr Selects (LeMoignan)
383Sun 1:00pm at JB#3Xtreme FC U9 Girls (Urquilla)N/AWest Raiders (Speer)

Game times, location and opponents subject to change