ENZSA Summer Sizzler

Jun 7 to Jun 9, 2019

U7 Festival Rules

Rules for the 2019 Edition of the Summer Sizzler U7 Festival

Download the U7 Rules Here

U7 teams play 2 - 20 min halves.

Number of Players/Substitution

The game is played with 5V5 with a minimum of 4 players on the field; substitutions can be made on the fly or every 3 or 4mins shifts and then change.

Max roster size for U7 is 12 players.


There are no off-sides at the Under 7 level of soccer.

Goal Area

A line is made 8 yards from goal-line and 6 yards either side of center of field to make an area for the sweeper-keeper to use his or her hands in only.

Goal Kick

When a player on the attacking side of the ball is the last person to touch the ball over the opposing team’s goal line and not between the goal posts, then a goal kick is awarded. The ball is placed anywhere inside the area for a restart.


When a player on the defensive side of the ball is the last person to touch the ball over their own goal line and not between the goal posts, a corner kick is awarded to the attacking team.


When a player touches the ball beyond the sidelines a throw-in is awarded to the opposing team.


Scoring is from anywhere on the field, but cannot be scored directly from a kick-off, goal-kick, free-kick or throwing. No scoring may occur from inside the goal area. No stats or scores are kept at this age level.


All fouls are IN-DIRECT; this means the ball must be first passed to another player before a goal can be scored. Most fouls are not intentional, but rather due to lack of understanding or coordination.

Sweeper/ keeper

Sweeper-Keeper is the last player in defense who will be allowed to use his or her hands in the goal are only. Any player can use their hands in the crease and does not need to be designated as a Sweeper/keeper.

Coaches, Parents

Any of the above can referee or run the game.